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Syntron® Light-Duty BF Series Feeders

BF Series Feeders

There are four Syntron® BF  Vibrating Feeder models to choose from. 

Model BF-01 gives you maximum feed control through instantaneous material flow cut-off. Rated at a maximum capacity of 5 tons per hour, when equipped with standard 6" x 24" trough. Other trough types and sizes are available. Since the electromagnetic drive is both dust-proof and splash-proof, it can be cleaned with steam or water without damaging the electrical components.


Model BF-2 offers the same innovative features as the smaller BF-01, but with a higher feeding capacity of 7-1/2 tons per hour when equipped with a standard 8" x 30" trough. Other trough types and sizes are available. 


A new addition to the existing line of products and a single drive solution for larger trough sizes. The BF-3 utilizes a sealed, sanitary design capable of handling a diverse range of feeding applications while providing solutions for industries such as food, pharmaceutical, material handling and packaging.

Benefits and Features of the BF-3

  • Feeding capacity of 25 tons per hour when equipped with a standard 12" x 42" trough.
  • Designed for high speed feeding up to 60 ft per minute
  • Feeder capable of operating at .090" stroke with a trough carrying weight ranging from 20 to 40 pounds
  • Sanitary design eliminates contamination during washdown
  • Drive design is IP 66 compliant
  • CE and CSA certified
  • Other trough sizes available - contact the factory for assistance
  • Externally adjustable tuning

BF-4 and BF-4-LF 

Combine electromagnetic reliability and a low profile, compact design with a long enough trough overhang and high product feed rate, and you have the foundation for an exceptional vibratory feeder. You'll find all these advantages and more with FMC's Syntron BF-4 Vibrating Feeder. The BF-4 provides fast, accurate, yet gentle feeding of a wide range of bulk materials from food products such as snacks and vegetables to other materials such as plastics and chemicals.

Because of its versatile design, the BF-4 is ideal for feeding various types of packaging and processing equipment, such as multi-head weigh scales and filling machines. It can also be used in modular distribution systems for transfer feeding. The BF-4 has a long trough overhang that reduces product degradation by allowing the feeder discharge to be positioned as close to the scale or transfer point as possible, thus minimizing product drop.

By incorporating a fully-adjustable stroke — up to .160 inches (4 mm) — the BF-4 easily handles difficult-to-feed products such as gummy candies, shredded lettuce and wet vegetables. It can achieve product travel speeds up to 50 feet (15 meters) per minute. Its simple, low-profile drive is an excellent solution for applications where space is limited; a single drive packs enough power to drive troughs up to ten feet long.

The Syntron BF-4 Feeder is also ideal for feeding, mixing, blending, batching and grinding applications, as well as for packaging and cold room applications. Continuous welds on stainless steel troughs provide extra sanitation for FDA or USDA applications.

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